Educational Resources: Storyline Online


We all love entertaining our little ones, but it’s even better when the fun has educational benefits! If you are looking for free educational resources, I have a great one for you: Storyline Online!

This site offers videos of actors and actresses reading children’s books with fun and slightly animated pictures from the book. The great part of having actors and actresses perform the readings is that they often use fun, different, and animated voices! They really bring the stories to life!

My son also has a short attention span, like many little ones. He has a hard time sitting and listening to me read as much as I would like to. Since Storyline Online brings the story to life with music, sounds, and pictures, he has a much easier time sitting through an entire reading on this site.

Storyline Online also has a YouTube Channel that can be found HERE! This allows immediate access to the videos through the YouTube App.

It has been proven time and time again that reading books to children greatly improves their future reading ability, vocabulary, and much, much more. I really hope that your family can use this resource to allow your child to gain the multiple benefits from being read to out loud, even if you are unable do it yourself.

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