Once Upon a Child


With Christmas drawing nearer and most people’s budget’s even more tight than any other time of the year, I thought it would be a great time to post about a store called Once Upon a Child. If you are not familiar with this store, Once Upon a Child is a resale shop dedicated to all things young child and baby. The store near me even sells maternity clothes! That was a big lifesaver when I was pregnant. Deciding that our son has many toys already and knowing our family members were sure to get him a ton of clothes and toys for Christmas, my fiancé and I decided we would go to Once Upon a Child and get our son a few things. We came out with a couple clothing items, three pairs of shoes, and a shape sorting bucket (since he is really into organizing and sorting things at this time). The clothing was very affordable along with the shoes. Knowing how fast children grow out of clothing, it was all almost like new. The shoes were only $6.50 a pair. I even bought him a pair of winter boots at $6.50 as opposed to the ones for about $15 I had thought about getting him at Walmart. The shape sorting bucket was only $4.50 and appears as if it has never been used. The great thing about Once Upon a Child is that you can sell your items back to the store if your child does not use them anymore. It also keeps up with current safety codes, so it does not buy any gear that has been recalled. With how expensive baby and young child items can be, Once Upon a Child can be a great resource, not only during the gift-giving time of the year, but also year-round.  For more information about this great store and to find locations near you, check out their website HERE

The picture above is my son with the Easter bunny that the Once Upon a Child in my area hosted for free during this past Easter season.

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