Libraries are the best!

Let me start off saying I absolutely adore the library. By just signing up for a card you get nearly unlimited resources for FREE! Books, movies, music, programs, playrooms, and more, all for free. Unfortunately I live in a city where I have to pay for parking, but the amount of fun my son has at the library for just a little bit of change is totally worth it. As you can see above, he adores playing in the children’s play room. He has multiple educational toys at his disposal and can play for hours without getting bored. We even go to a program every other Tuesday  called “Baby and Me”. We spend a half an hour in a group with other parents and children from birth to 2-years-old. We all sing songs, socialize, and have tons of fun. There are also multiple other events and programs throughout the year. If your child is a little older, there is tutoring available. I love to get  my son the “Baby Signing Time” DVDs that my library carries. He loves the songs and I can tell he is trying to make some of the signs! It’s entertaining and educational for him! I encourage you all to check out your local library for all that it offers because you just might find a gold mine!

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